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Player Ratings: URFC 2-1 Houston Dash

3 road points and 6th place in the standings, we’ll take it.

Nikita Taparia

Nicole Barnhart- 6.5: Overall, she’s Nicole Barnhart. She’s an incredible goalkeeper and other than the one weak shot she let in tonight, she stood on her head and did what she needed to.

Becca Moros- 6.5: This was a pretty clean game from Becca. She wasn’t giving away as many balls as we’ve seen in past games and got the job done.

Rachel Corsie- 7: Whenever you get Corsie and Sauerbrunn, you know it’ll be good. There were a few shaky moments, but she was solid 95% of the night.

Becky Sauerbrunn- 7.5: Same thing as Corsie pretty much, but with a little extra bonus for that header that blocked a shot in the first half.

Katie Bowen- 7: Bowen has very quickly grown into her role as a starter. Once again a solid performance from her, and she was very strong.

Lo’eau Labonta- 6.5: I would’ve liked to see Lo get a few more offensive opportunities. She does good defensively, but as a midfielder I’d really like to see her get a few more chances created.

Gunny Jonsdottir- 6.5: This was another game of constant fouling on Gunny, but she played through it. I would’ve hoped to see her get a shot on goal, but she doesn’t get much time on the ball. It was a solid performance from her.

Christen Press- 8: Press is incredible. There’s no other way to look at it. She should’ve had two goals tonight, but she did her job of sitting right on Houston’s backline and took her opportunity when they made an error.

Diana Matheson- 7.5: Matheson continues to impress me every game. She’s such a strong midfielder. She can get anything you ask of her done, and she showed that tonight.

Katrina Gorry- 6.5: I really would’ve like to see Katrina play a little longer. She seemed to have some good opportunities right before she got subbed out.

Amy Rodriguez- 7: Amy puts her teammates in good positions a lot. I would like to see her scoring goals, but she had countless clean crosses in the box tonight that gave URFC lots of chances.


Erika Tymrak- 7.5: Her coming into this game was huge. She came on and played like her life depended on it, and helped us score that crucial game winner.

Katie Stengel- 8: Katie is so good at finding the back of the net. She’s now officially the leading scorer in URFC’s short history. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her start on Wednesday.

Taylor Lytle- 7: Taylor is one of those players that doesn’t always get a ton of minutes, but I wish she did. She changed the game when she came on and also was a huge part of this win.