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Player Ratings: URFC 1-0 Washington Spirit

Another game another Katie Stengel game winner.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Nicole Barnhart - 7 She didn’t really have a ton to do because her defense was pretty solid the entire game. Her distribution was good, and she didn’t let in any goals. That’s the two most important things from a goalkeeper.

Rebecca Moros - 6.5 Her defensive work was great. She wasn’t super quick to move the ball up a handful of times, but she didn’t concede anything.

Sydney Miramontez - 7 Miramontez was a pretty good part in the attack tonight. Although technically a defender, and she did that great, she got a lot of balls into the box for URFC as well. Her corner kicks tonight were also good.

Rachel Corsie - 7.5 She helped a lot to keep URFC level. As per usual, she made a number of clearances that helped URFC not give the Spirit a single shot on goal.

Samantha Johnson - 7 Her partnership with Corsie was great. They haven’t played as center backs together hardly at all, so the fact that they were able to stay on the same page was great. Johnson brought a physical presence tonight that I loved.

Gunny Jonsdottir - 7 Gunny did a lot to earn Utah valuable free kicks tonight as well as was able to get some shots off. She also did a good amount of defensive work.

Christen Press - 8 Press was a workhorse tonight. Although too frequently she was wide open and unable to get a teammate to pass, she was constantly putting herself in good places and working herself out of the tough situations.

Lo’eau Labonta - 7.5 This was one of Labonta’s best games in my eyes. She really seemed to be able to find the groove of the game, and got into the attack more than I’m used to seeing from her. She was even able to find herself a good look on net.

Amy Rodriguez - 7.5 Tonight felt just unlucky for Amy. She had so many great shots, and she just couldn’t find the back of the net. She worked like crazy to get herself in the best positions possible.

Katie Stengel - 8 Stengel got yet another goal and was working like crazy to do it. She surely proved again tonight why she deserves to be starting.

Erika Tymrak - 7 Tymrak and Stengel work so well together. Tymrak was getting so many good balls to Stengel and Press tonight. She did a lot to help the offense.


Taylor Lytle - 7 Lytle not only got the assist on Stengel’s goal but she came in as a sub and worked tirelessly to help the team. She did so much offensively to help but Utah in a good spot. Her runs were perfect and she got great crosses in.

Diana Matheson - 7.5 Matheson should also get some credit for her beautiful dummy ball on the goal tonight. She came on as a sub and just worked like crazy. She wanted to change this game and she helped Katie do it.

Becky Sauerbrunn - N/A