What does the addition of Nedum Onuoha mean to the squad?

It's all but announced by the official team, but it seems that Nedum Onuoha, former Man City center-back, will be going the squad in the upcoming week. Now, I know this isn't the signing that we are all looking for as a number 9 would be very nice right now. However, this move is massive in order to solidify our backline. As the state of squad stands Real Salt Lake has 8 center-backs (this number includes Nick Besler). Let's take a look at the center-back depth chart on the current roster:

  1. Nedum Onuoha (Almost 32 years old; birthday in November)
  2. Marcelo Sliva (29)
  3. Justin Glad (21)
  4. Nick Besler (25)
  5. Shawn Barry (28)
  6. Taylor Peay (27)
  7. David Horst (Almost 33 years old; birthday in October)
  8. Danilo Acosta (20) *Danny makes the list because in 2018 pre-season RSL did play him a couple times in the position*
Now questions and concerns about this depth chart. Why is Nedum automatically #1? Well, because he played for one of the best teams in the world for nearly 8 years and that his transfermarkt value would make him the most valuable player on the squad (2M). Now, he does have to come in and compete but with the experience he is bringing he can definitely become an anchor in our backline.
How can our roster have so many center-backs? Well, for now, it can. Two of those players on the list (Acosta, Besler) would be playing slightly out of position, however, they still can play there and Besler has shown his worth in that spot. When offseason arrives I can definitely see one or two of those players leaving the club. My initial guess would be David Horst, I think he might end of up being another Chad Barrett situation, love the player to death, but no room on the squad for an injury prone older guy. Another thought would be Shawn Barry, he has looked good at times, however, it didn't manage to steal a spot away from Nick Besler, converted midfielder. Danny Acosta might be on his way out, we love him as a player and don't know what's going on with his professional career.
To conclude my opinion, I would like to state how this signing is fulfilling Bomma-and-Craig's philosophy of constantly improving. I'm glad they are looking at improving the position even when we are pretty stacked at the spot. This signing stands out as when Marcelo comes back from injury there will be major competition at the spot. Hopefully, this competition will raise the bar for Glad, which most people think has plateaued this season. My final thoughts are; yes it would have been nice to get a number nine, however, this signing elevates the club and will bring a lot of experience. And who knows.....maybe Mike will play him as a Center Forward anyways ;)

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