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Yura Movsisyan back in MLS, Chicago Fire claim him from waivers

That was unexpected.

MLS: Portland Timbers at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

In a move I simply didn’t expect to see happen, Yura Movsisyan has landed back in MLS.

Sam Stejskal — who reports basically every reasonably big MLS move these days — reported earlier that Movsisyan, who last played in MLS for Real Salt Lake, has been claimed off waivers by Chicago Fire. That move has been officially announced.

This is interesting for a number of reasons.

First, Movsisyan left Djurgarden IF after his loan ended because of a longish-term injury. That would seem to be more or less over now if he’s joining an MLS club.

Second, this finally abdicates Real Salt Lake of the responsibility for paying his guaranteed contract. Now, his contract hasn’t been hitting the salary budget, but it has been hitting the club’s financials — at least, that’s my understanding of the move in March.

Third, I’m struggling to see why this is a great move for Chicago Fire, if it is at all. They’re not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, but they’re 12 points off sixth place with seven matches to go — and they’re averaging just 0.89 points per game.

Now, maybe this is more or less a seven-game trial period for Movsisyan at Chicago. That could make sense. If they have the open designated player spot, which he would almost certainly occupy, then perhaps there’s no distinct harm.

At any rate, it’s a shame that Chicago Fire aren’t coming out to Salt Lake City before the end of the season. That would really be something.