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RFC Show (33) : What’s an offseason?

It’s a two-part episode! Also Megan is back!

Lucas Muller

We have a facebook now!

We get two episodes this week everybody! Well, technically it’s one, but we’ll split it into two.

Part 1:

Regardless, it's the offseason now and it’s very sad, although what a journey it has been. That said, there’s some exciting stuff coming up. We still have the W-League which is the Australian Women’s League. Multiple Royals players will be participating, as to whom exactly will be playing we don’t know yet, but we know there will be at least four. Plus all the games are accessible on ESPN+. Yay! Also USWNT qualifiers are coming up. So still a lot of fun footy action coming up. To finish off Part 1, we answer some questions, rant about the heat of 1:30 PM games, give our playoff picks and more.

Part 2:

We continue answering questions, and we specifically address what players we think we may, or may not lose in the upcoming offseason, whether it be to an expansion draft or being waived. We then move into what listeners can expect from the show as we enter the offseason in terms of planning. Also tangents, lots of tangents. Most of all, thank you Utah Royals FC. A lot of groundbreaking things happened this year, thank you for making it happen. (Insert sentimental feelings here)

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