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Utah Royals FC Show (34) - Interview with assistant coach Scott Parkinson + a special surprise.

The man, the myth, the legend - Scott Parkinson joins us plus a short cameo appearance from the gaffer herself at the end.

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and talk to assistant head coach Scott Parkinson. Hailing from Liverpool and a devout Toffee fan, Scott found his way to the United States through sport. After having a successful tenure at Rogers State University in Oklahoma, he found himself on his way to Utah via a phone call from Laura Harvey.

In this one, Ryan and I let Scott tell his story, where we talk about his journey to Utah, how he enjoys his free time, his coaching goals, what it is like to coach a professional women’s soccer team, and much much more. We are incredibly humbled and grateful to have been able to spend some time with some of the most caring and accessible coaches in the world.

We round out the show with some details of the new happenings that will be going on surrounding the show and ways to reach out to us as well as some transfer news and a solemn farewell to the man who epitomizes Real Salt Lake as an organization, Trey Fitz-Gerald. It’s an episode of the Utah Royals FC Show that you definitely do not want to miss.

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