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Three reasons to buy Utah Royals FC season tickets

You should buy Utah Royals season tickets for 2019. Here’s why.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Utah Royals FC had an entertaining inaugural season in the NWSL. Next season should be even better, with the team having time to gel together and grow as a team. This past season, the Royals had around 5,000 season ticket holders, and that number should increase next year. Here’s why you should buy season tickets.

Affordable seats

You can’t go wrong with any seat in Rio Tinto Stadium, but when you buy season tickets for the Royals, you have a choice of many great seats, and the best news is they’re cheap! The prices vary, with a low of $60 to a high of $840 for some of the best seats in the house. From smallest to greatest, the prices are $60, $120, $180, $240, $300, $540, $840. There are 12 home games a season, so if you buy a ticket for $120, you’re paying $10 a game. For Real Salt Lake, the lowest price for the season is $280.

Meet the Team

One of the things season ticket holders should look forward to the most is the meet the team event. This year, they had photograph stations, autograph stations, and a spot to pick up your season ticket holder gift. The lines went by fairly fast, giving fans time to hit many of the players they wanted to get photos and autographs with. It went from 6-8 pm. Meeting the players was a memorable experience. The players are kind and spend a little more time talking to you than the men’s team.

Beat Portland!

The Royals did well in the first season with attendance, averaging the second highest attendance in the league. The Royals averaged 9,466 people per match this season. The only team that was better was the Portland Thorns, with 16,959 being their season average. If you buy season tickets now, we can improve on our season average and inch closer to Portland. The more people who show up to game, the better off the league is. It’s a young league and needs all the support it can get.

There are plenty more reasons to buy season tickets than the three mentioned above. It’s a great event for the family, and it’s a fun atmosphere. Buy your tickets. The team is fun to watch.