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Royals FC Show (32) : Fan Poll Results and More!

Lucas Muller

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed your Labor Day! We know we did. Lots of news and updates coming in this week. Hope you enjoy Wirtjo’s awkward monologue.

Rachel Corsie and Elise Thorsnes qualified for the World Cup in France next summer with their respective countries. Gunny and Iceland heartbreakingly missed out just barely, but put in plenty of viking level performances throughout the process.

The home game on Saturday against the Chicago Red Stars will be the last game of an amazing debut season for us. So pack Rio Tinto.

Also, be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and Soundcloud under the name the Utah Royals FC Show. Attendance was down by about 400 people on the domain switch last week, and that stinks.

Fan Poll Results

This was a lot of fun, and we’ll definitely have to make some changes, roll it out earlier and expand it next year, including personalized trophies for the players. It was a blast to see what some y’all thought. FWIW, Wirtjo is the most likely to get nutmegged.

Don’t know why this race was so close, or why there were several submissions all coming in at the same time that skipped all questions not related to Katie Stengel, and then selected only her as an answer. Katie Stengel might owe a lot of people coffee, who knows.

We’ll break down these a lot more on the podcast, but here’s the overview. Thanks for listening.

Best Dancer
Best Flop
Biggest Coffee Addict

Very confused as to how Sam Johnson did not win this one.

T-RACK all the way.

Also four people wrote in Christen Press, that’s a little odd. Cute doggos though.

Most Avid Reader
Funniest on Social Media

Author Note: This was a fun question to monitor. We are blessed with a lot of hilarity as fans, even if many of you vastly underestimate Alex Arlitt’s social game.

Most Clutch
Comeback Player of the Year

What a season from Barnie, Bowen and Lytle. Wow.


Oh Captain, my Captain.