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Player Ratings: URFC 2-1 Chicago Red Stars

Unfortunately, it is here. The last time we will rate the Royals of 2018.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Nicole Barnhart 6.5 - Although she did let one goal in, Barnhart was kept pretty busy. She faced 14 shots and was required to make 7 saves. With the attacking firepower Chicago and Sam Kerr have, allowing only one goal was no small task.

Becca Moros 6 - Moros is always just solid. She was a big part in nullifying the Chicago attack.

Becky Sauerbrunn 6.5 - Today was yet another unstoppable night from Sauerbrunn. She and Corsie really worked together to not only protect their goal but help in the attack. Bonus points for her, too, because she was given the MVP award from the club.

Rachel Corsie 6.5 - Corsie was crazy tonight. There were so many shots that she blocked before they got to Barnhart as well as huge tackles she made. Overall, solid performance from her.

Katie Bowen 7 - Bowen really grew into her role this season. She continued to get better and better, and tonight was no exception. Her defensive work was incredible, and she managed to get forward today and get an assist.

Katie Stengel 8 - Stengel really could have had 3 or 4 goals tonight. Alyssa Naeher really had to work to stop her shots. Luckily, Stengel was able to break one through to get Utah back into it. Great performance from her today. Katie also had 6 of URFC’s 18 shots.

Gunny Jonsdottir 7 - Gunny wasn’t being guarded as closely tonight as most teams do, so she was able to be more dangerous. She had 4 shots and nearly scored a goal tonight. She worked tirelessly to earn dangerous opportunities for Utah.

Desiree Scott 6 - Scott was solid like always tonight. She didn’t get into the attack too much but was able to hold the ball well and help Utah out of tight spots when they needed it.

Christen Press 6.5 - Tonight was tough for Christen. She was getting great opportunities but was fouled nearly every time she got near the 18-yard box. Even still, she was able to get 3 shots and also nearly a goal for URFC.

Amy Rodriguez 7.5 - Amy was everywhere today. She was working so hard to score a winner for Utah and she did. She contributed in the game-winner as well.

Kelley O’Hara 6 - Kelley was only able to play one half today. Although not surprising, because she’s returning from injury, she played pretty well in the little we saw. She was really good at holding up the midfield. I would’ve liked to see her a little more involved in the attack, however.


Taylor Lytle 7 - Lytle played a really clean game today. She came on at halftime for O’Hara and instantly made an impact. She had many chances today and provided an assist. For me, today’s game is one of her best performances.

Lo’eau Labonta N/A

Erika Tymrak N/A