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Transfer Rumors: Fran Sol, Mimoun Mahi linked with Real Salt Lake

I’m declaring Fridays to be Rumor Fridays this year.

FC Groningen v PSV Eindhoven - Johan Cruijff Shield Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

If rumors these days are to be believed, Real Salt Lake is looking more active than anticipated in the international transfer market — but the latest rumors have things a bit on the rocks with two European attackers.

Fran Sol, 26, was linked in surprising fashion with Real Salt Lake yesterday, when he was said to have rejected the club for Leeds United. Rumors today have placed the forward as a target for Dinamo Kiev, and while these two rumors don’t necessarily line up, they do paint a picture of a highly sought-after target.

Mimoum Mahi, 24, is an interesting target. Reports emerged today that Real Salt Lake had extended an offer to his club, FC Groningen, but that they’d rejected the deal, despite his being available on a free transfer in the summer. This move is an interesting one, as he’s a winger, and the club is fairly well stocked in that position right now. One would imagine a move would need to take place before such a time, and Joao Plata is very likely the best option.

Combined with the recent pursuit of Germán Cano — a move that appears to be on the rocks itself — we have a clear picture of a club on the hunt for players and aiming for prominent figures. However, with none of those coming to fruition to this point, Real Salt Lake’s search for a center forward is certainly far from complete.

We’ll keep digging on these, but that’s sort of where we’re sitting right now. Before we learn more here, though, we’ve got the MLS Draft — and that’s soon! So let’s all buckle down.