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Utah Royals FC Show: (44) Tymrak Time: Erika Tymrak returns to the show

We talk with our favorite The Office super-fan Erika Tymrak again.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Erika Tymrak finally returns to the show. She has been around town in the offseason, just waiting for the NWSL season to start. She’s been exploring various dog parks, gotten engaged and done a lot of traveling since we talked with her last.

We said this was going to happen weeks (okay, maybe months) ago, but we just now got to it. It’s definitely worth the listen though. We talk about The Office (a lot), why couples who go vegan together stay together, how much of a gem Alex Arlitt is, and her adorable dog Chai. We also learn just who she would want alongside her in a bar fight.

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