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Utah Royals FC Show (43) : Welcome Vero, the Draft, Amy Rodriguez, and more.

Lucas Muller

Hi. It’s been a while. Sorry. Preparing for finals turned into finals, which turned into recovery from finals which turned into the holidays, but here we are. There’s plenty to talk about, and we start off by answering some of the questions asked by listeners.

The Court Supporters Group is looking for new members to grab the reigns of leadership. It’s real easy and doesn’t require a ton of work. Apply here.

We signed a player! Verónica Boquete has an incredibly impressive resume and will be someone who will play a big role in connecting the midfield and front three, a solution to the key ingredient that we missed last year. We will talk a lot about her.

There’s also the NWSL Draft coming up on the 10th. While Laura Harvey has never been one to rely heavily on the draft, we’ll still talk about some potential implications as Utah holds the 23rd and 32nd picks.

We also talk about the potential new federation allocation that will happen and a brief overview of Royals in the W-League.

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