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Utah Royals FC close out 2019 with a win

A 2-1 win gives URFC a victory to wrap up the season on a winning note.

Cindy Lara | RSL Soapbox

It was a must win. There weren’t any playoff implications here. But it was a needed win after a losing streak that cost Utah Royals FC the post-season. And on this game, the line up looked the same as previous game.

It didn’t take Utah long to make a statement. In the 3rd minute, Lo LaBonta served Christen Press in the box for the first goal of the night, giving URFC a 1-0 lead.

Momentarily, with her 8th goal, Press had tied Amy Rodriguez for the leading scorer for Utah. But then, ARod scored a goal of her own to make it 2-0, and she went up a goal between her and Press to make her Utah’s leading scorer with nine goals for the season.

The score would remain 2-0 until Houston scored late in the second half. It would stay 2-1 to give Utah a win to close out the 2019 season.