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URFC: 2019 By The Numbers

A look at some of URFC’s stats for the 2019 regular season.

Utah Royals v Seattle Reign Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

As I did with the men’s side (RSL: 2019 By The Numbers), here’s a look at the stats for the Utah Royals 2019 season.

  • 0 Red Cards for the Royals. No player was ejected for dangerous play.
  • 1 Goalkeeper used for the entire season. Nicole Barnhart was URFC’s ironwoman playing every single available minute.
  • 1.42 Points Per game for 2019.
  • 2 Utah Royals had the 2nd lowest goals against in the league, second only to North Carolina Courage.
  • 4 Is the number of ties for the Royals this season. It is also the number of home losses.
  • 6 Is the total losses the Royals had on the road.
  • 7 Is the number of wins for the Royals at the RioT.
  • 9 Goals scored by Amy Rodriguez, URFC’s golden boot winner.
  • 10 Total wins for URFC in 2019, but also 10 losses. They also scored 10 goals on the road.
  • 12 Goals against the Royals at the RioT.
  • 13 Goals against the Royals on the road.
  • 14 Yellow cards received by Royals players. Tied for lowest in the league.
  • 15 Goals scored by the Royals at home.
  • 25 Goals scored both for and against URFC.
  • 47 Times URFC was called offside, Rodriguez with 14 and Christen Press with 13.
  • 61 Saved made by Nicole Barnhart from 86 shots on goal against URFC.
  • 62 Blocked Shots made by URFC defense with Samantha Johnson making 11 of them.
  • 104 Corner kicks taken by URFC, with 58 of them taken by Press.
  • 118 Total shots on goal taken by Royals players with 32 of them taken by Rodriguez, and 31 by Stengel.
  • 181 Fouls caused by the Royals. Lowest in the league by a wide margin, with Rodriguez committing the most at 26.
  • 194 Fouls suffered by URFC players. Lo’eau Labonta was the player most fouled by other teams drawing 29 fouls, with Veronica Boquete close behind with 28.
  • 241 Total shots taken by Royals players, with 63 of them taken by Rodriguez.
  • 262 Intercepted passes made by Royals players, with Lo’eau Labonta making 37 of them.
  • 489 Clearances by Royals defense, with 81 of them performed by Rachel Corsie.
  • 11,027 Attempted passes by URFC, with 8,551 being successful (77.55%).