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The Salt: Welcome to the offseason

Come have a seat. We’ll be right with you.

Kyle Sipple | Instagram/Twitter: @kylypso

Well, 2019 is done. There’s no more of it.

I mean, not really, at least. Not 2019 that matters. Or maybe that’s just for soccer reasons. I forget how this works.

At any rate, Real Salt Lake’s offseason has begun, so let’s start talking about it. There’s ... um ... a lot.

The top item on the list: We need a coach.

Uh, so, we haven’t forgotten that Freddy Juarez is still an interim coach, right? Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll start to ask the question. You know, that one. The “Is he good enough to be our head coach?” question. I don’t know my answer to it, but I do have a direction I’m leaning. You’ll just have to take your guesses as to what that is.

If we’re going to hire externally, then we better get that search started. I think we need to do that search even if we think Juarez is the top candidate, because we need to seriously look at who we are and make some decisions.

Also the top item on the list: We need a general manager.

I don’t know which of those you need to do first. Uh, maybe the general manager. Somebody has to lead the search. We’ve got one internal candidate I’m aware of, and that’s Elliott Fall, who is currently the assistant general manager. He’s a smart guy, and I think he’s probably capable. But he’d be a very different pick than, say, Craig Waibel was. I dunno. Maybe it’ll be Tony Beltran. Maybe he and Fall can be co-general managers.

And maybe hire a Real Monarchs coach

But let’s wait until the USL playoffs are done to really worry about that, huh?

Find a goalkeeper

Oh, boy.

Well, if David Ochoa is as good as everyone says he is, we might have our guy. But he’s super young, and that’s a real risk. But you never win big making safe bets, right?

(Anyway, yeah. I miss Nick Rimando and it hasn’t even been two hours. Also, this is a nice shirt honoring the man from our friends over at BreakingT.)

Figure out who’s still here and who’s not

Is Albert Rusnak really the right player to be spending our dollars on? We know how limited those are. Will we end up selling players? Will we re-sign Joao Plata? Will Sam Johnson be here when the new year starts? What about Sebastian Saucedo? Justen Glad?

I’m feeling nauseated just thinking about it.

Start scoring goals

The biggest fault we had against Seattle? We never threatened their goal. Seattle threatened us plenty, and they weren’t playing an overly defensive game. So ... what gives? I don’t think this is just about Sam Johnson and not Sam Johnson. I think there’s something more fundamental about our construction and style here that we need to address.

It’s not even that I was particularly disappointed by our regular season goalscoring, but I do think it’s the thing we need if we’re going to hit the next level.

Win in the playoffs

oh, yeah, OK, that’s probably not a good goal for the offseason. sorry

Eat more ice cream

On it. Right now, in fact.

Alright. Goodnight, folks.