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Speculation: Is Bofo Saucedo leaving?

Instagram’s giving us an idea of what’s to come.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Because news breaks in interesting ways these days, the place to immediately turn when the offseason starts ticking remains Instagram.

But you can’t stop at looking at the posts, because there’s usually something hidden deeper.

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Thank you for everything RSL nation....

A post shared by Sebastian Saucedo (@sebastian23saucedo) on

Alright. On the face of it, that’s pretty innocuous. You could certainly interpret it to mean that Sebastian Saucedo is leaving RSL, but there’s a little bit of a logical leap happening there.

Dig in, and you get this.


Now, this still doesn’t mean he’s leaving, but it sure looks like it.

If he does leave, is he walking for free?

We know that in 2017 and 2018, his contract option was taken. He signed in 2014, and there is little indication that he signed a new contract at any point during that period. Laid out as follows, it could be:

  • 2014 — first year of contract
  • 2015 — second year
  • 2016 — third year (spent on loan)
  • 2017 — fourth year, option taken
  • 2018 — fifth year (option year), option taken
  • 2019 — sixth year (option year)

Although that actually isn’t allowed under FIFA regulations, as that’s a six-year contract — so I’d suspect there was a new contract in there somewhere, likely in 2015 before he went on loan, or in 2016, when he returned from loan. No more than three option years can be added to a contract under the MLS collective bargaining agreement, and we know only two option years were taken.

So, let’s start the speculation. Is Saucedo done at Real Salt Lake?