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Rimando earns third Save of the Year honors

It’s one last honor before leaving the game.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

He never won Goalkeeper of the Year, despite being the best option several times over.

But he’s now the first player to win Save of the Year on three separate occasions, earning his third in just eight seasons for a save against Colorado Rapids on Aug. 24.

In that play, he made two key saves. The first was a not-overly-insane stop from close range from a header on a set piece. It was a good save, though one he’s made year after year.

The second?

Well, you remember it, right?

He’s on the ground. He just made one save. Not even two seconds have passed. It’s from close range, and the shot coming in is maybe chest-high.

From the ground, Rimando reaches up and paws the shot away with a tremendous stretch.

It’s poetry.

Nick Rimando’s playing career is over, and while it remains a travesty that he never won MLS Goalkeeper of the Year, this further cements his place in the MLS history books.