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Off the Crossbar: The Offseason — Episode 1

We’re back. Sort of.

Kyle Sipple | Instagram/Twitter: @kylypso

If you think back several years — supposing you were involved in reading RSL coverage at the time; no judgement either direction — you might remember that I used to appear on a podcast called Off the Crossbar.

Well, we’re back. Sort of.

What we’re producing is a short-run offseason podcast focused only on the topics of the offseason. You know — player movement, coach movement, et al. I’m joined by Trevor Brady, who you’ll remember from previous iterations of the podcast, and by Kyle Sipple, whose photographs you’ve seen on the site.

This week, the topics are likely fairly obvious. We’re talking Jason Kreis, retirements, bad old tweets, and several other things. Like Bofo Saucedo’s Instagram.

Anyway, listen below. We’re still sorting out a few things — sound quality, for one. Also, syndicating out to other platforms. Otherwise, give us some feedback, won’t you?

Also, Axel Haversleeve. Pretty good.