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RSL vs Vancouver: What we learned

We’ve learned all that we can this regular season

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

We did exactly what we had to do tonight to secure our own future this post-season. A win and a clean sheet? Excellent. Now we look forward to how this team is going to play in the playoffs.

What’s next?

What have we learned from the regular season to inform expectations about our playoff chances?

So much rides on our defense. If we can continue to do what we’ve done defensively, this is set up to be an exciting post-season.

The best part of MLS is that any team can win any match at any time. Except maybe Cincinnati. That’s what makes the playoffs exciting. We’re not here to determine the league’s best team—LAFC already proved that. Now it’s about who can come up big in the clutch moments.

Our goals don’t come from one place. This leaves us in a good place with our personnel decisions. Hopefully no one gets injured, but if someone does, we should weather it fine.

Now it’s Freddy’s chance to prove himself. Not a bad drive into the end of the season. What happens with post-season?


Soft turnovers. Against a stronger team than Vancouver, we probably would have been punished for our turnovers. It’s our weak spot this season. If teams can capitalize and hit us after a soft turnover, we’ll be in trouble.

Best lineup. What is it? I’m expecting it to look like tonight’s, but is it making the best of our pieces? Kreilach scored for us tonight. But what about Sam Johnson and Brooks Lennon? Will they have something to contribute in the playoffs? Is it going to be too confusing to change up the lineup or is it exactly the type of change we need to throw off the opposition? It’ll be interesting to see who steps up.


Sporting KC lost six to nothing! Ha!

I was hoping Zlatan would never play in the playoffs, but at least Vela won the Golden Boot.

With everything that has gone down this season, we snatched the third seed and a home playoff opener! It’s been crazy and emotional.