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The Salt: Jason Kreis and radio silence

Let’s talk about some possibilities.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

We heard not too long ago that Jason Kreis was a target for Real Salt Lake in the general manager and coach roles (in either combined or separated roles, depending on — well, something, I guess).

And by not long ago, I mean three weeks ago.

Literally, three weeks ago. That came out Oct. 24, and it’s Nov. 13 as of this writing. (It’ll be Nov. 14 when this publishes, if I’m not a slowpoke about it.)

We’ve heard nary a peep since then, and that’s got me thinking.

Not only does this thing have legs, but I think this thing has significant legs. This sounds like a weird way to word a thing, and frankly, I think you’re right about that. But that’s the phrasing I’m choosing here, and I mean every word of it. All two of them.

See, if there were other candidates interviewing, we’d more than likely hear something. Not necessarily anything true, mind, but something. These things work mostly by the machinations of agents sort of spilling their guts to somebody or other, and those people spill their respective guts to other entities. Not everyone, of course, But some people behave in that way, and sometimes, those people are candidates for things.

And then you hear things.

But what have we heard? Zip. Zilch. Nada.

It’s radio silence.

I don’t think we really have to wonder why, but it’s sure fun to, so let’s do it.

Option one: Kreis is waiting until after the U-23 camp to make a decision

The United States U-23s play today — likely the match is done by the time you’ve read this — and obviously enough, Jason Kreis is their coach. He strikes me as the sort of person (mostly because we’ve been here before) who would avoid interrupting his current position with an announcement that doesn’t need to be made immediately.

If this is the case, we have two branching paths. Either Kreis has yet to make a decision about the matter, or he has made a decision, and it’s a yes. (Otherwise, I think we’d hear something. Anything. Please.)

Option two: Kreis already said yes and is coordinating behind the scenes

This is my favorite idea. I like the idea of operating somewhat in darkness. I think it’s a bad thing, but it’s sure fascinating and fun, in its own sort of way. Now, I think the feasibility of this is actually fairly low, but that’s never stopped me from speculating.

Option three: Kreis said no, and we’re going interim into 2020

The radio silence could actually just mean that we won’t be hiring Jason Kreis, and that we’re going to stick with Freddy Juarez and Elliott Fall heading into 2020. That has the benefit of being an extremely cheap option. Is it a good one? I don’t think so. Even if we decide they are both the right people for the job — and they may well be — we need more than just those two in the system.

We’ll see about this one. I think there’s a chance it happens.

Option four: Dell Loy Hansen decided not to hire Kreis, but is still conducting interviews

I’m mostly kidding with this. I think Hansen sees Kreis as the one who got away, and I think he sees him as a key — they key? — to future success. I don’t necessarily disagree on either front, but that’s neither here nor there.

So while I’ve listed this option here, I think it’s mostly as an entry point to that discussion. Is Kreis a target simply because he left? I don’t think so, but it has to play a role. For our owner, though? I think he might see the departure of Kreis as the harbinger of a significant slide in the club’s fortunes. Might those have happened anyway? Sure! Maybe. But I also think Hansen might see Kreis as a positive figure for a club that sorely needs some positivity.

What do I think?

Option one. I do think Jason Kreis is going to sign, but I don’t know that he’s put his name on the dotted line quite yet. The fact that he was willing to interview — and, by all accounts, has interviewed — with the club tells me that there’s a greater degree of likelihood that this happens than with any old interview.

We’ll see, though. I just want to know what’s happening. I’m tired of waiting. You get the picture.

Off topic

I’m in San Francisco at the moment and going to the SFMOMA tonight. Any artists I should specifically seek out? I’m always looking for Dan Flavin’s work.