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Soapbox Oracle - Final 2019 Season

With the final game played for the US/Canadian leagues now in the books here are the final totals for 2019!

Here’s this week’s stats:

ORACLE OF THE WEEK: Zzyzx gets second win with 18 points!

  • Participation: 9
  • Bonus Picks: Zzyzx earned the 10 point bonus (1st substitute) to win the week, four people earned the 4 point bonus (number of cards); and everyone picked up points on the remaining three questions!

Season Totals

  • Most Points: Yoursangoma with 618.
  • Most Oracle of the Week wins: Stu Pedasol with 8
  • Highest % of points earned (over 100 games played): Zzyzx at 41%. Four players were higher but played less than 20 games.
  • Most Points Per Game: Latecomer Zzyzx with 1.23 from only 181 played. As with % there were four players with better PPG but with under 20 games.
  • And a special perfect attendance award goes to: RSLMountainMan for participating every week - all 527 picks!

Here’s the scoring spreadsheet for each week if you’d like the full effect!

Soapbox Oracle Standings

Name Total
Name Total
Zzyzx 83
Tanner WM 62
Stu Pedasol 57
Cmart15 56
Randal 53
Miles Dunn 51
Brandon Wilde 51
Crooks 46
David Ochoa 46
Kurt 44
D_Ash5 42
Joseph Hutchison 41
Dave Cheever 39
Ryan S 37
Pup 33
Frisky Niblet 33
Mr. Pepper 29
Since1996 28
Matthew Haycock 22
I have no idea what I’m supposed to put here. Total of zero? Not sure what it means, but I’ll go with it! 22
KAsay 21
Jared Nethery 13

Thanks to everyone who played along, and congratulations to Yoursangoma, Stu Pedasol and Zzyzx for being the top winners in each category, and special thanks to RSLMountainMan for his consistency!

We started this season picking all MLS matches, and only Royals and Monarchs games. We ended with both MLS and NWSL league games, and only Monarchs. And extended into the playoffs. My question for next year is would you like to see any changes such as:

  1. Continue to include all of NWSL or return to just Royals?
  2. Continue to pick just Monarchs games, include all USL Championship games, or drop?
  3. Extend Oracle picks into the playoffs, or stop at regular MLS season end?
  4. Include USMNT/USWNT games as bonus points or as regular picks?
  5. Additional suggestions for bonus/tiebreaker other than total goals scored (first sub in specific game, total cards from all games, etc...)? (I’ll try to randomize to keep you thinking).
  6. Any other comments or suggestions are welcome!