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Report: Kreis no longer in talks with RSL, says KSL Sports

It’s not definitive, but it’s the best we’ve got.

United States of America U23 v Egypt U23 - International Friendly Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

In news that reflects the general weather in Salt Lake City today — gloomy, overcast, what have you — KSL Sports is reporting that former RSL coach Jason Kreis has exited talks with the club for a surprising return.

The report from Tom Hackett offers no reason, nor does it offer a concrete source. It merely states that he is out of contention.

There are of course several possibilities here.

The first — and the only one giving me hope right now — is that the report is incorrect, and that Hacketts’ source has jumped the gun. Now, that’s a long shot, I think, but it’s certainly possible in the wild world of sports.’

The second — and this is my assumption here — is that Kreis was deep in talks and pulled out after RSL owner Dell Loy Hansen leaked news about Tony Beltran joining the front office. His breaking the news hadn’t been planned ahead of an ESPN 700 interview, but it didn’t stop him, and that could be enough to scare off Kreis.

The third option I’ve got here is probably the likeliest: Talks broke down for one reason or another without any need for conspiracy or theorycrafting. The simplest explanation, considering the evidence on display (which is, well, none, really), is usually the right one.

We may never know what happened. Or we might. Hold on to your butts.