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Roster Update: Beckerman, Rowe eligible for free agency, Acosta waived, Toia set for RSL return?

We’ve got just a little more insight into 2020 now.

SOCCER: MAY 19 MLS - Real Salt Lake at Philadelphia Union Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In not surprising news, Real Salt Lake’s long-time captain Kyle Beckerman is eligible for free agency.

He’s joined on that list by Kelyn Rowe, who earned that designation away from the Wasatch.

Several players are available through re-entry: Luke Mulholland, Joao Plata and Marcelo Silva. One player has been waived, and that’s Danilo Acosta, which really isn’t surprising at this point.

It’s an interesting turn of events, when it’s all said and done.

But there are several interesting points from the news: First, Donny Toia is not listed as available. He’s certainly re-entry eligible, so the implication here is that he’s in discussions with the club to return and has been withdrawn from re-entry eligibility. Again, this isn’t surprising, but it gives us reason to expect Toia back in our colors in 2020. (Incidentally, a trade to Chicago Fire would also fulfill the “in our colors” prediction here, so I’ve left myself some wiggle room here.)

Second, Sebastian Saucedo isn’t listed as eligible for the re-entry draft; this isn’t surprising, as he’s not old enough for that designation. However, as he’s out of contract, he should be listed on the waiver draft, but he’s clearly not. I don’t know if he’s able to withdraw himself from that, or if he perhaps is in discussions with Real Salt Lake, or perhaps something else.

Finally, Yura Movsisyan is on the re-entry eligible list as a player whose option has been declined. This should be the end of Real Salt Lake’s payment of his contract, which may explain Dell Loy Hansen’s good mood of late. (That may have shifted with Jason Kreis declining to join the club, though.)