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Rumor: RSL interested in Elliot Käck, says Swedish report

It’s about time we had a meaty rumor.

Norway Eliteserien League Headshots 2018

Reports of purported interest in players from Major League Soccer teams are a dime a dozen, but rumors involving Real Salt Lake are a bit more rare.

So it’s here, just a couple days before Thanksgiving, that we’re catching wind of a rumor involving Swedish left back Elliot Käck, reported today by Swedish outlet Expressen.

Unusually, this rumor involves comment from Käck’s manager, Bosse Andersson, who leads Djurgårdens.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak Swedish, so you’re going to have to accept these Google Translate quotes.

”I heard about the rumors, I absolutely did,” he says.

It is not uncommon for American clubs to look at the Swedish market, so much can be said. I have heard about the rumors, then I have nothing more to comment on it. I have had a dialogue with Elliot and his advisers.

So, there you have it. This seems to confirm that RSL is indeed interested, so we’ll just have to keep listening the rumors as they float into our lives.