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The Royal Watch: The one to give thanks

A post to give thanks.

Cindy Lara | RSL Soapbox

It’s been some year, huh? We began with a gleam of hope for our favorite NWSL club, and for a good month or two, we saw how good URFC could be. But then, something happened that some of us are still scratching our heads about and URFC’s season wrapped up early again, with no post-season in sight.

Still, there was a lot of good. Christen Press...well, impressed. Nicole Barnhart showed us that age ain’t nothing but a number. Gabby Vincent proved that hard work & dedication pay off. Amy Rodriguez, too, proved that she is still one heck of a goalscorer. Vero Boquete brought some flair to the midfield that was much-needed.

On this day, the one where we give thanks, we can be grateful for a club and an organization that cares for its players, fans, and media and hope that 2020 will be more successful.

But beyond the pitch, personally, I’m thankful for the RSL Soapbox writers that I have the pleasure of knowing and working with. So to them - Lucas Muller, Megan Webb, RJ Allen, Wirtjo Leonard, Kreg Asay, Stockton Mair, and Ryan Kelly - Thank you for your dedication every week throughout the season and even more in the off-season. And a special thank you to Meg Van Dyk, URFC’s Media Manager, for helping us cover the club.

And to you dear reader, thank you for giving us your time, clicking on each article to read, and for also giving feedback and thoughts. It matters. If you listen to the Utah Royals FC, thank you for that as well.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. May your hearts be filled with gratitude today and every day, for life is short and unpredictable. Make every day count.