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2019 Royals Player Profiles: Brittany Ratcliffe

An unfortunate injury kept her out all season.

Roscoe Myrick

The World Cup would have given more playing time. Then, an unfortunate injury happened. Brittany Ratcliffe tore her ACL during the preseason, knocking her out for the season. Ratcliffe spent most of the season in New Jersey, but fans supported her in the season opener, chanting her name in the 25th minute.

She was expected to get significant playing time while Christen Press, Diana Matheson and everyone else was away at the World Cup. With her speed, she could’ve helped an offense that struggled all year to score.

In 2018, Brittany had two goals, both against North Carolina. While she didn’t have high stats, she made an impact whenever she played. She created a spark when on the pitch, but didn’t see much time on the pitch.

Brittany Ratcliffe is expected to be back next season, as the club picked up her option in the offseason, though she may have some competition with Utah Royals FC picking up Arielle Shipp, Cali Farquharson, and the rights to Kyra Carusa, all three who are forwards.

With a potential expansion team coming in 2020, it is unknown if she would be protected. If not, she would be a fantastic acquisition for the potential team. She’s a fan favorite, and everyone would like her to stay.