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Rumor: RSL linked with Ecuador winger Anderson Julio

Julio, 23, has Copa Lib experience under his belt.


Silly season being what it is, we’re here to loop you into a rumor that’s doing the rounds on the tweets today. This time around, we’re linked with Anderson Julio, a 23-year-old Ecuadorian winger currently playing at LDU Quito.

That club sound familiar? It’s the same place Joao Plata played before coming to MLS with Toronto FC. That really is neither here nor there, but it’s an interesting tidbit.

Anyway, it’s all looking to stem from one report from El Futbolero, an Ecuador-based publication. It specifies that Julio could leave on a roughly $3 million deal, though one never really knows with these things.

Julio looks primarily to be a right winger according to Transfermarkt, which is only occasionally a complete source of information positionally. He’s also seen playing on the left wing. I wouldn’t read too much into either side — for example, don’t assume that this has anything to do with Jefferson Savarino. (It well may, of course. But we don’t have evidence.)

Whatever the case, it’s clear RSL would have interest in signing a talented winger this season. With the departure of Sebastian Saucedo and presumed departure of Joao Plata, there’s little disputing the notion that RSL will need wide attacking reinforcements.

Julio’s Quito experience is certainly one aspect of this — he’s proved a somewhat consistent goalscorer and assist-provider in Ecuador, but more meaningfully is the three goals he’s scored in Copa Libertadores. That sort of thing attracts clubs, as the player’s potential is more obviously seen. (Plus, it sounds like he’s already scored against San Jose. Sure, it’s a club called San Jose in Bolivia, but in MLS, you really have to take everything you can get.)

We’ll keep listening for this one. There’s plenty of smoke, but that sometimes obscures whether there’s any fire or not.