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Adopt-a-Team, Dec. 2019: National League North, England

York City v Altrincham - FA Cup First Round
These are fans of York City.
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Because sometimes the offseason can get a little long and dreary, and because I have a passing interest in non-league football, I’m subjecting you all to it, too.

The basic idea is that you pick a team, and we talk about it.

And that’s all.

There’s no competition — I mean, outside of the obvious one that is professional semi-professional soccer — and nobody gets anything for picking a team that does better or worse.

We’ll get together here after every matchday (I suspect — this is the first time we’ve done it!) and talk about major results, big news, and really, anything we can find.

How should you pick, you ask? I’ve got some ideas you can try.

  • Find the team with the coolest name
  • Find a team from an area where you’ve got ancestry
  • Choose a really good team
  • Choose a really bad team
  • And, last but not least, do some actual research and find something that appeals to you.

We’ll revisit this soon, but for now, let’s get this party started.

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