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Rumor: Anderson Julio to RSL a done deal, says Ecuadorian report

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The on-again, off-again deal looks to be on ... again.


In what’s an interesting twist in this saga, it’s looking increasingly likely that Real Salt Lake will be signing Anderson Julio from LDU Quito, according to a report from Jorge Luis Lasso, a radio sports reporter in Ecuador.

Earlier rumors have put RSL in putting in for Julio on loan with a buyout clause.

The move looked imperiled for a time, with reports that UNAM Pumas were targeting the player, but the reported interest may have been an illusion: a report today indicated they were interested in Jhojan Julio, not Anderson Julio.

There’s no official word on this, so don’t assume it’s truly done — rumors being what they are, and all.

Julio would be an interesting addition to the side. With the anticipated departure of Joao Plata, Bofo Saucedo’s exit, and Brooks Lennon’s trade, RSL needs wingers. With the magnitude of this deal — a reported $2–3 million buyout clause — you’d imagine he’s targeted to come with a starting spot in mind.