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2019 RSL Player Profiles: Marcelo Silva

Silva scored his first two goals as an RSL man last year

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What do we make of Marcelo Silva in 2019? He started fourteen of his nineteen matches with 1,342 minutes played, 200 fewer minutes than 2018. He scored two goals last year, however, and they were his first and second goals in Claret and Cobalt. He also re-signed for RSL earlier this month, so he’ll be around for some time yet.

He’s squarely in the rotational category as a player. Having him compete for minutes with Glad and Onuoha should, ideally, push Glad to develop into an even stronger center back.

One of the greatest strengths of Silva’s game is his ability to fit with either Glad or Onouha. All three play well with the others and it’s a clear sign of his professionalism that he’s satisfied with the rotational element of his placement on the roster. He’s here for the team, to improve himself, the entire game of the team, and the overall strength of our center backs.

There’s a beauty in team synergy within sports. RSL put in a solid defensive effort in 2019, only conceding 41 goals: 6th best in the league. That was the effort of the entire back line and Silva played his role. Expect more of exactly that.