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Soapbox Oracle is back!

First kick is a week away!

Soapbox Oracle predictions Kreg Asay

It’s 2019 and MLS is almost back in season! Time to test your prognostication skills again, so knock the rust and dust off the old grey matter and ponder the games from MLS First Kick!

Last year we had 96 players participating in at least one week, with only around 12-15 regularly playing. But the points have all been erased and it’s a clean slate for everyone! I’ll still be giving out the Oracle of the Week, but there won’t be a separation between Reader / Staff this year, as such I’m exempting myself from the award - no favoritism here!

Scoring remain the same (see insert), and games from the Real Monarchs and Utah Royals will be added once their seasons begin. Bonus games will of course pop up from time to time.


Pull out your Tarot cards, Ouija boards, Crystal Balls, or whatever else will assist you, and happy predicting!