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Utah Royals FC Show (47) : Schedule Release, also start a GoFundMe so Cindy can get a new sweatshirt.

Lucas Muller

Hey, everyone! Been a bit, but there’s some incredibly exciting things on the road ahead. We have a new logo, and we are now on Spotify, so be sure to check us out there. The Court had all their stuff stolen, so fundraisers to come.

The W-League has ended. No Royals players made the final in which Sydney FC beat Perth Glory in a 4-2 thriller. In this episode, we shortly recap the season, although we encourage you to read this article from a few weeks ago for a more detailed read.

More specifically in this one, and with our friend Lucas Muller joining us, we talk about the latest news regarding the loss of LifeTime as a TV sponsor as well as everything you need to know about the schedule for the 2019 Utah Royals FC season.

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