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Utah Royals FC Show (46) : The 2019 Draft, NWSL Salary Caps are Still Too Low, Sky Blue Sillyness

Lucas Muller

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Cindy’s back! A draft happened, the Utah Royals selected three players. With the 23rd pick, Michelle Maemone from Pepperdine. The 27th pick, Maddie Nolf out of Penn State, and Alexandra Kimball from North Carolina as the 32nd pick. We talk a bit about these players and what we think they bring to the table. In terms of the draft, we finish with the winners and losers of the draft. More important than the draft itself, we talk about that while the league salary cap is at an all time high this year, the max salary cap is still lower than the MLS minimum. Additionally, we rant about some of the more recent drama from the Sky Blue catastrophe, the whole situation is ridiculous.

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