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New RSL away kit revealed: white with red accents

It’s certainly a bold design.

If you’ve been waiting for the new Real Salt Lake away kit, wait no longer.

The kit’s been officially revealed by RSL commentator Brian Dunseth, mascot Leo the Lion, and members of the KSL TV crew.

The kit features some — I don’t know, red striations? There’s also a red around the collar and sleeves, though only on Dunseth and Mr. Lion’s kits. Perhaps that’s a difference between authentic and non-authentic kits, or perhaps it’s unrelated.

The kit also features a red RSL badge — that’s something new, and it looks, to my mind, pretty classy. The rest? It, I could take or leave. I suspect I prefer cleaner kits.

What do you think? Where does this rank in the annals of RSL away kits? I will say that it’s perhaps better than a plain white kit, but it also lacks the simplicity of design that our last kit featured.

Share your thoughts in the comments.