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RSL Soapbox looks at the new Real Salt Lake jersey

We went to the team store to get a look at the new kit — here are 10 images of the away jersey

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

The new Real Salt Lake away jersey dropped this morning. RSL Soapbox went to the downtown team store to take a look for ourselves. It’s a different take on an RSL kit than we’ve ever seen. Fun and unique but still true to RSL’s history, but it’s not a jersey everyone will love.

There’s a significant different in the quality between the authentic (pictured below) and the replica. The replica feels tougher, but lacks some of the detail such as the red and blue stripe on the cuff of the sleeve, the (very nice) ‘05 beehive, the star, and blue stripe around the collar. If you’re looking to buy a jersey, it’s worth considering how much you value those extra details.

The keeper jersey has a consistent pattern throughout the whole shirt, whereas the away jersey is white on the back. The keeper is by far the least expensive, priced at $65.00, the replica is $85.00 and the authentic is $120.00. The last image in the slideshow is of the keeper jersey (it’s a phone picture, so apologies for the poor quality).