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A letter to Utah Royals FC

Here’s a letter thanking the club and the fans for a great 2018 season, and what we’re looking forward to in year two of the club.

Cindy Lara | RSL Soapbox

To the Utah Royals FC staff and players:

First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the great memories the first season of Utah Royals FC brought all of us. It was an incredible year full of highlights for us all.

To those players who unfortunately didn’t make the field last year, due to injury or other factors, we love and appreciate you the same. We are always grateful for what you have done for the team. Once a Royal, always a Royal.

There are many great memories to choose from this past season. Remember the first goal in team history, scored three minutes into the inaugural game after a great cross from Diana Matheson to Gunny? Unfortunately, it was negated by a “handball” (we all know it hit Becky’s face). Nonetheless, it was a wonderful goal and a beautiful moment during the season.

Then, there was the home opener with 19,203 fans in attendance, cheering you on, supporting you until the final whistle. The result wasn’t what we wanted, but getting to see you play in Utah for the first time was an honor for us all.

We can’t forget the first-ever home goal as Amy Rodriguez dribbled past a few players to score. The stadium erupted, celebrating the moment we had all been waiting for since the season began.

After the home victories, we were able to do the Viking clap, something that connected the fans and the players. It’s something I look forward to every home game. We have more opportunities to do so this year, which is exciting.

Another great moment was the last second, game-winning goal against North Carolina Courage from Brittany Ratcliffe. It’s the 94th minute, tied 0-0. URFC takes a free kick, and after some spectacular work from Brittany to stop a counter attack, she shoots it one time into the net, giving the Courage their only loss of the season.

Now, as we enter season two, there are a couple of new faces with the team this year. Welcome! Welcome to Utah and the team we love so dearly. We know you’ll make us proud. We’re delighted to see what you will bring to the team.

We start and end this season at home, something many fans are thrilled about. We get to cheer you on to start the season, and we get to thank you for a wonderful season in the final game. I hope fans show up to all of the home games to show how much the team truly means to us.

Here’s to a great 2019 season.