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Report: Glad out with broken toe, says dad

Justen Glad is set for an absence after a training injury.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

News has a weird way of traveling in the information era, and while this one hasn’t been confirmed by a club source — we’ve reached out — the source on this one is as reliable as anyone.

Justen Glad has apparently broken a toe, according to a tweet from his dad, Bill Glad, in response to a tweet from RSL Soapbox social media editor Lucas Muller.

We’ll certainly continue to pursue this story, but in the short term, don’t expect Glad to start today against Houston Dynamo.

Glad is likely to be out for an extended period, which is a real blow — this is perhaps the first season with which the team has proper defensive depth since Glad moved into a starting role, and the first portion of the season would have been an important time for him to prove his capability to remain a starter.

Supposing the accuracy of this report, it would be safe to not expect Glad to appear until May at the earliest.

We’ll keep our ears on the ready, but do be advised that a player’s dad tends to be a reliable source.