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URFC Show: (54) Season Kickoff! Everything you need to know about the Washington Spirit w/RJ Allen

Lucas Muller

Hey there! Been a bit since we’ve posted to RSL Soapbox, we really need to step our game up. The season is one week away, and in thinking about that Megan and I brought on the best NWSL mind that we know, RJ Allen. - RJ is a member of NWSL Media, is the big burrito at backline soccer, hosts three different soccer podcasts and recently joined our soapbox staff. She is pretty rad.

Opening at home against the Washington Spirit who picked up at 2-0 win against Sky Blue last week, we preview everything that fans need to know about and expect from a Washington Spirit team that should be better than last year, although still not great. Transitioning from that we give our predictions for a royals lineup on opening day, what we think the Royals need to do to make the playoffs, and make predictions about how the standings will look come the end of the year.

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Have a great week everybody!