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Player Ratings: Utah Royals 1, Washington Spirit 0


Cindy Lara | RSL Soapbox


Nicole Barnhart - 6.5 | Nicole didn’t have to do too much during the game, but when she was called upon, she delivered.

Michelle Maemone - 6 | As one of URFC’s drat picks in the 2019 draft, she got her first start on the back line and played well.

Becky Saurbrunn - 7 | Becky played really well last night, but that’s not a surprise. She’s one of the most consistent players in the league, and that showed last night.

Rachel Corsie - 6.5 | Rachel had a quiet but solid night, helping keep the attack including Mallory Pugh and Rose Lavelle at bay.

Katie Bowen - 6 | Katie was involved both on defense and on the offensive side. She put in a solid shift.

Desiree Scott - 7.5 | Desiree was all over the place during the game, stopping the Spirit’s attack multiple times. She had a very solid night.

Vero Boquete - 6.5 | Vero is a brand new signing who we should be excited about. She showed some flashes of her talent during the game. Her performance was quiet but good.

Gunny Jónsdóttir - 6 | Gunny also had a quiet night, but played well. She helped win possession and helped the attack.

Lo’eau LaBonta - 8 | LaBonta had the game-winning goal and looked great on both offense and defense. She was all over the place during the game.

Amy Rodriguez - 6 | Amy didn’t have any moments that stood out, but she put in solid effort and had a good night.

Christen Press - 7 | Christen got an assist on the LaBonta goal, and also put in a lot of effort to find a second goal for the Royals.


Katie Stengel - 6 | Katie was quiet for most of her time on the field, but at the end of the game, she had a great chance to put the Royals up 2-0.

Kelley O’Hara - 6 | Kelley also had a quiet night after subbing on, but it’s good to see her playing after some injury concerns this preseason.

Mandy Laddish - N/A | Though Mandy didn’t get too much time to influence the game, it’s great to see her back on the field after having an injury that prevented her from playing for 952 days.