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Player Ratings: Utah Royals FC 1, Orlando Pride 0

Another game. Another victory. Who stood out?

Hannah di Lorenzo


Nicole Barnhart: 8.5 - Barnhart was on top of her game tonight, making four saves over the night that kept Orlando from finding the back of the net.

Michelle Maemone: 7 - Maemone only played one half before being subbed off for Katie Stengel, but during that half, she assisted Christen Press’ goal.

Becky Sauerbrunn: 6.5 - Sauerbrunn had a solid but quiet game in her final game before she heads off to the World Cup. Not to mention she didn’t get called for a hand ball!

Rachel Corsie: 6.5 - Corsie had another quiet game but did well overall. She helped keep Alex Morgan at bay.

Katie Bowen: 6 - Bowen was involved both in the attack and on the defensive side but didn’t stand out.

Desiree Scott: 7 - Scott wasn’t as good as last week against the Spirit, but she still made herself known to the Pride.

Vero Boquete: 7 - Boquete looked good last night, connecting passes and helping the offense look fairly dangerous. The more she plays the more dangerous she’s going to get, it seems.

Gunny Jónsdóttir : 6.5 - Gunny is always one who will do the dirty work, and she did so last night.

Lo’eau LaBonta: 6 - LaBonta didn’t look as dangerous tonight as the home opener, but she still fought and did well.

Amy Rodriguez: 5 - Rodriguez had a 1v1 chance she should’ve finished that would’ve put the Royals up 2-0. She also had some giveaways in some bad spots.

Christen Press: 8.5 - Christen had the goal that ultimately won URFC the game. It took skill to trap the ball like she did and to hit it into the net. She looked dangerous at other times as well.


Katie Stengel: 6 - Katie came on at half for Michelle Maemone and held possession well. She didn’t have many good chances on goal.

Kelley O’Hara: 6.5 - Kelley calmed the match down a little bit and looked solid in the minutes she got.

Erika Tymrak: 6 - Erika looked good. She helped defend pretty well and made some good runs on offense where she was overlooked.