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Player Ratings: Utah Royals 1, Houston Dash 2

A loss is a team loss, but individual performances played a part.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox


Nicole Barnhart: 5 - Barnhart was left to dry on the two goals Houston scored, but nobody had a great game.

Michelle Maemone: 5 - Maemone was no where to be seen on the two Houston goals, leaving the backline

Rachel Corsie: 5.5 - Corsie ran and did her best to stop the first Houston goal but didn’t make it back in time.

Sam Johnson: 4 - Johnson was responsible for the first goal and couldn’t make it back to prevent the second.

Katie Bowen: 5 - Bowen was involved on both sides of the ball but did not stand out.

Vero Boquete: 7 - I’m hesitant to give such a high rating in a disappointing loss like this, but Boquete created multiple chances and showed off her skills with the ball, making defenders look silly at times.

Mandy Laddish : 6 - Laddish also made defenders look silly. She helped try to spark the offense which needed the spark at times.

Gunny Jónsdóttir: 5 - Gunny fought as much as she normally does but couldn’t make a huge impact on the game.

Lo’eau LaBonta: 5 - LaBonta played fairly well, but she had some dangerous giveaways that led to dangerous chances.

Katie Stengel: 5 - Katie had a quiet game. She played fairly well holding the ball and giving the offense a chance.

Amy Rodriguez : 6.5 - Amy had the goal for URFC, but also had a good chance to give the Royals a second and didn’t convert.


Erika Tymrak: 5 - Erika brought a different dynamic to the offense and tried her best to get URFC the equalizer.

Makenzy Doniak: 5.5 - Doniak had a quiet debut for URFC, but she almost had a wonder goal coming from the left side.

Meghan Cox: N/A