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URFC Show: (59) Make Sam Johnson’s Hair Pink Again + Mallory Weber

AKA, our shortest podcast ever

Lucas Muller

It’s probably our shortest podcast ever. Episode 59!

We got some breaking news right before we hit record. Unfortunately, Taylor Lytle, who we have known has been on a scooter for a while, was officially announced as an addition to the season ending injury list. Given that, Harvey and the gang picked up Mallory Weber off the waiver wire. This is an interesting young signing. She is not a super star, but someone who will add depth to a roster which is growing increasingly thin.

We also spend a significant portion of this episode recapping the game against Houston. It was hot, not the hottest home game we’ve been to, but it wasn’t pleasant. It wasn’t the best game we’ve been to either. Desiree Scott is one of the best in the world, and some of the lackluster movement in the midfield made that evident. It wasn’t a good game, and it wasn’t a bad game. It was a grey game. Meh.

The last section of the podcast concludes with our thoughts about the game against the North Carolina Courage. It won’t be an easy game, but just like us the Courage are missing a plethora of players while still retaining some incredible talents such as McCall Zerboni, Lynn Williams, Jaelene Hinkle among others.

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