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Player Ratings: Utah Royals FC 1, North Carolina Courage 1

Tough game in North Carolina, but Utah Royals FC managed a draw. Which players stood out more than others?

Lewis Gettier | The Equalizer


Nicole Barnhart: 6 - Barnhart saved two shots and kept the Royals in the game.

Becca Moros: 6 - Moros made her return from injury. She played well in the 73 minutes she played.

Rachel Corsie: 5.5 - Rachel played well for the most part, but the Courage got their goal between her and Doniak.

Sam Johnson: 5.5 - Johnson played well in the 45 minutes she played and did much better than last week.

Katie Bowen: 6.5 - Bowen played well, starting multiple opportunities on the offense and contributing on the defensive side.

Mandy Laddish: 5.5 - Mandy put in a good shift during the game, but she didn’t have any stand out plays.

Lo’eau LaBonta: 5.5 - LaBonta didn’t have any outstanding plays.

Gunny Jonsdottir: 6 - Jonsdottir played like she normally does and put effort in all game to help Utah pull out a result.

Vero Boquete: 6 - Boquete assisted on Amy Rodriguez’s goal, but she couldn’t help a sputtering offense otherwise.

Katie Stengel: 5 - Stengel has done well as a hold up player this year but didn’t do much against North Carolina.

Amy Rodriguez: 7 - Amy was the most impressive player on the field, scoring the Royals goal and looked the most dangerous on offense.


Gaby Vincent: 6.5 - Vincent made her URFC debut and looked good in her 45 minutes of play. If she keeps playing like she did, she should get more minutes.

Makenzy Doniak: 4 - Doniak didn’t play well while she was on the field. She had multiple mistakes and possibly could’ve got the ball on North Carolina’s goal.

Mallory Weber: N/A