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Rumor: Plata move to Atlético San Luis coming soon

Could a move come this week?

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Joao Plata’s rumored move to Liga MX looks to be coming sooner rather than later, with Ecuador-based journalist Álvaro Riera Carbo confirming earlier reports that the Real Salt Lake striker is heading to Atlético San Luis.

RSL Soapbox writer Miles Dunn — you’ll know him from his excellent U.S. national team coverage — provided this translation:

Joao Plata is in his last days at RSL, the team with which he has scored 48 goals since 2013. All that is lacking is the official confirmation and it is almost done, then he can play in the Liga MX. According to my source @pbenaventeg, Joah will reinforce the recently promoted Atletico San Luis

Plata’s move to the newly promoted team would cap a long saga, with the forward having been linked with moves away on a multitude of occasions.

The player registration window opens in Mexico on June 14, but these rumors indicate an imminent move that doesn’t necessarily align with that date. That may not mean much, though, as the two clubs could agree a deal before such a point; Plata simply couldn’t be registered in Liga MX — which includes the receipt of the international transfer certificate from RSL — until that date.

Could a move take place this week? It seems there’s a distinct possibility.