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Player Ratings: Utah Royals 2, Orlando Pride 0

Utah Royals FC had their first two-goal game this season. Who impressed?

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox


Nicole Barnhart: 7 - Barnhart had a good game, making multiple saves to keep the Pride off the board.

Becca Moros: 5.5 - Moros didn’t have the best game. She had multiple turnovers that could’ve led to opportunities for Orlando.

Sam Johnson: 6 - Johnson didn’t have any plays that stood out, but that’s a good thing. She didn’t make any big mistakes and helped keep Orlando off the board.

Gaby Vincent: 7.5 - Vincent was impressive in her debut last week and was even better in her first start. She did a great job on the defensive side and had some fantastic balls over the top to offensive players to spark the attack.

Katie Bowen: 6 - Bowen had a quiet game, not getting involved on the offensive side as much as she normally does. When she did, she did well. She had a solid showing on defense.

Gunny Jónsdóttir: 7 - Gunny played well and fought for every ball like she normally does. She had a fantastic opportunity to put Utah up early but just missed.

Mandy Laddish: 6 a Laddish also had a quiet game. She did well but didn’t stand out.

Lo’eau LaBonta: 6 - LaBonta played well this game and earned a higher rating until she committed a foul that should never be committed.

Vero Boquete: 5.5 - Boquete had a quiet game before she had to be subbed out in the 39th minute.

Katie Stengel: 7 - Stengel looked dangerous and had a couple of good chances. She did well defending as well.

Amy Rodriguez: 8 - Rodriguez once again was the most dangerous player on the pitch. She had the first goal and multiple chances.


Erika Tymrak: 7 - Tymrak did well coming in the 39th minute. She had multiple shots on goal that didn’t miss by much.

Mallory Weber: 6 - Weber had a solid shift as a sub but didn’t have any plays that stood out.

Makenzy Doniak: 7 - Doniak had a pretty quiet night until she scored the second goal, sealing the win for the Royals. That was her first goal since she was traded to the Royals and the first since her injury.