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Plata’s agent confirms Mexico transfer talks, says move likely in next few days

The saga continues.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not particularly surprising at this point, given how the rumors have flown, but the move taking Real Salt Lake’s Joao Plata to Mexico is still in the works and could be coming in the next few days, according to his fairly chatty agent.

Of course, that’s especially interesting because Plata has traveled with the team to Montreal. It’s exceedingly likely, then, that we’ve either seen the last of Plata in an RSL kit already, or that we will on Wednesday.

Gonzalo Vargas, Plata’s agent, has been responsible for no fewer than two major news pieces around Plata, including a 2017 contract extension and a mooted move to Mexico that same year.

This indicates a move could be coming in the next few days. The delays are interesting and indicate some sort of internal question — whether that’s personal terms or some sort of

There may, of course, be bigger questions around this move, and it may still fall through. But the fact that Plata’s agent is talking about it gives us plenty of reason to think this is going through.