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Rumor: West Ham, Newcastle targeting Savarino

The Venezuelan winger has been impressing at club and country.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Real Salt Lake’s Jefferson Savarino has played his way into an important position for his club and has been making steady progress on doing the same for his country.

But in doing so, a difficult position for RSL fans arises: He’s now apparently finding himself as a target for bigger, spendier clubs — and in this case, it’s apparently Newcastle United and West Ham United (what is this, the MLS Eastern Conference?!) according to a report from Sky Sports.

Now, Sky Sports will publish nearly any rumor under the sun, as it’s very much their wheelhouse, so let’s not take this as gospel quite yet. But the report does state that the talented attacker is worth an estimated GBP £6m — or just over $7.5 million at current exchange rates.

That’s a pretty hefty outlay for Savarino, and we’ll obviously see how things play out. The report is, as you’d expect from the publication, completely unsourced. But it’s difficult to be surprised by this conceptually, given Savarino’s talent and spot with Venezuela.

The Copa America has long been a tournament to watch for European clubs, so this at least passes the smell test.