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Joao Plata deal with Atletico San Luis dead, says Brian Dunseth

The RSL commentator shed new light on the situation.

Joao Plata and RSL coach Mike Petke Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

During tonight’s Real Salt Lake match against Chicago Fire, commentator and all-around RSL expert Brian Dunseth revealed the latest bit of confirmed news around a potential deal to take Joao Plata to Atletico San Luis: The deal is no more.

The reason wasn’t entirely made clear, but Dunseth intimated that the deal had been agreed by both Real Salt Lake and Atletico San Luis, and Joao Plata and Atletico San Luis had come to an agreement on personal terms. Paperwork was apparently then sent to leadership at San Luis, where it was not signed.

The deal is understood now to be dead, hence Plata’s return to Utah, though he wasn’t taken to Chicago. Dunseth indicated Plata was being a “complete professional” about the situation.

The next question, of course, is if Plata remains on the trading block, or if news around Jefferson Savarino being targeted by Newcastle United and West Ham United in England has put a stopper on plans in that regard.

Finally, one does wonder when all this transpired, and if Joao Plata’s playing in matches in May after the rise of rumors around the move has anything to do with the way the move progressed.