Path to 50 points

The current 8th place RSL have a record of 6-2-8 for 20 points. Generally you can count on a playoff berth with 50+ points. The path to get those points is pretty tough.

Fortunately, the remaining 18 games are weighted to be 11 home games and 7 road games. They probably need to win 9 of the remaining 18 games. That gets them to 15 wins and 45 points from wins. 3 more ties and they would have 5 ties on the season and 50 points.

Here are the possible best chance home wins:

June 29 Home vs Sporting KC (4-7-5)

July 3 Home vs Columbus Crew (5-2-10)

July 20 Home vs Minnesota United FC (6-3-7)

August 3 Home vs NYC FC (5-8-1)

August 24 Home vs Colorado Rapids (4-4-9)

September 11 Home vs San Jose Earthquakes (6-4-6)

October 6 Home vs Vancouver Whitecaps (4-8-6)

The best chance at road wins are:

August 10 at Sporting KC (4-7-5)

August 31 at Portland Timbers (5-2-8)

September 21 at New England Revolution (4-5-8)

The other games:

at San Jose

Home vs Philadelphia Union

at FC Dallas

Home vs Seattle Sounders

Home vs LA FC

at Minnesota United

Home vs LA Galaxy

Home vs Houston

The season rides on picking off the winnable games at home, and then stealing a few draws against the better clubs on the road. The next two games are at home, and are against teams that have played worse than RSL so far. It is critical to win those games, and ideally, to win them easily, with some bigger goal differentials.

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