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Everton Luiz slides into RSL roster full-time after club exercises loan option

Making Luiz’s move official shores up a key piece of RSL’s roster for multiple years.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Real Salt Lake has permanently acquired Everton Luiz after a six-month loan, according to a report from his former parent club, S.P.A.L., with the news coming just days before his loan was set to expire.

To do so, Real Salt Lake has exercised an option on the loan to make that very thing happen. It’s not particularly surprising, given the ease with which Everton Luiz has integrated into the squad.

Everton Luiz has proven himself quickly essential to the proper working of the squad, becoming fairly quickly an undroppable piece, barring an injury and subsequent recovery.

Luiz, 31, has proven a bit of a journeyman in his career: Real Salt Lake is his 13th club since starting his professional career in 2007 in Brazil. He’s since played in Serbia, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Romania and Portugal

We’ll report more on the details of Luiz’s contract as they become known, but it certainly is good news for Real Salt Lake.